"One of Europe's best talents in human digital behaviour." - Fortune, TIME

 "A Firestarter" - FastCompany

"A Free Radical" - RedHerring, Silicon Valley

Inma Martinez is an industry recognised Artificial Intelligence and Data Scientist for having pioneered mobile personalisation services and other disruptive digital technologies since the 1990s.

Starting her career in the financial services (Goldman Sachs), in 1998 she joined global telecom giant Cable & Wireless where she led  the Internet strategy in the firm's Global Markets division, responsible for creating the digital strategies that clients - mostly financial institutions and media giants, should explore in the mid-1990s. As a technologist, Inma has also been credited for co-developing the first mobile Internet Wireless Access Protocols, the initial technology towards mobile data, and of human behavioural data analytics, the precursor technologies of digital marketing and 1:1 communications. In 2000 she co-founded Escape Velocity, a technology company selected by Lehmann Brothers as one of the top 20 mobile technology disruptors . After the sale of the company, Inma continued to work in innovation at both startups and leading corporates. After a trade-sale to Nokia Finland in 2007 of her second startup, Visual Radio, a digital music video-streaming startup funded in Oulu, Finland which pioneered mobile entertainment, Inma worked at Nokia Innovation Labs (NEBU) developing wearable technologies for Nike, and WidSets, the early widgets that would later on become mobile apps. Since 2010 she has worked as a scientist in innovation for both corporates and governments, further developing new technologies and creating digital strategy and A.I. regulation. 

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Inma currently divides her professional engagements between Deep Science Ventures  the UK’s first venture-builder for science-driven companies, where as a Venture Partner she mentors and oversees all projects that develop A.I. and data analytics, and contract work as a digital scientist in projects that range from smart cities to precision live-stock farming and 1:1 marketing communications. She is also a guest lecturer at Imperial College Business School in London at the Master of Science in Entrepreneurship.

Her speaking engagements take her across continents and allow her to deliver forward looking, future-gazing insights to both governments and corporations on the accelerated digitalisation forces shaping today's life, work and play and the trends shaping the future of artificial intelligence.