Awarded "Best contributor to the formation of digital strategy"
European leadership forum: Charting the economic future of europe
"A Fire Starter"
"A Free Radical"
"One of the best talents in human digital behaviour"
Public Engagements
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Engaging Stakeholders, Inspiring Audiences

Revealing how science and technological advances are forging the 21st century progress and the new pillars of shareholder value and competitive advantage. Translating the transformative forces of A.I. and digitisation into new economic strategies, innovative business models and stronger human capital in organisations. Motivating audiences to excel in the new EQ-driven, digital society with self-belief and purpose.

  • Collaborations

Incredibly honoured to have worked with and met some of the most laureate and acclaimed international figures in the sciences and even sports at government and industry events where I was asked to deliver strategic visions for sectors’ digital disruptions and the transformative benefits of A.I. The future is now and we all have a role to play in creating it. Inspiring audiences to take part is one of my utmost aims. Learning from others and admiring their achievements, my delight.

Dr. Michio Kaku
Theoretical physicist and futurist

Major Paolo Nespoli
European Space Agency Astronaut
Dr. Matthias Maurer
European Space Agency astronaut and materials scientist

JImyy wales, Inma Martinez
Steve Wozniak
Co-founder of Apple
Jimmy Wales
Co-founder of Wikipedia
Dr. Arthur B. MacDonald
Nobel Prize in Physics 2015
Dr. Kip S. Thorne
Nobel Prize in Physics 2017
Damon Hill
Formula One world champion
  • Deviating from the Norm
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Each day I endeavour to work to the best of my abilities and for the improvement of society. I am here to inspire and enable others achieve their full potential, whether they are my students, my clients or readers of my books.


There is not just one way to address life, work and play. Reality is a kaleidoscope of possibilities and outcomes. Judgement is the biggest shackle to our mind.


I see what others do not. I thrive in environments where all the moving parts become connected dots that form pathways for opportunity and discovery.


Life is a force of  continuous change and challenges. Embracing serendipity, being always ready is within our DNA. We are explorers in a reality bursting with constant transformation.


All that there is exists because its effect in the world becomes the catalyst of everything else. If we integrate our actions into this natural structure, we can build a better reality.